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I am probably one of your longest consistent users of Nada chair. I began with the first version in 1987, which was sold to me by my then physical therapist. This means I have been using a Nada chair consistently for 18 years. I thought you might enjoy hearing about the kind of impact your product has had and the kind of loyalty it generates.....

"The crew members of the Shuttle liked the Back-Up for relieving micro-G induced back pain."
Marsha Ivins, NASA Astronaut
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"Without the Nada-Chair, I would not be able to sit for more than 10 minutes at my computer because of back pain. Thank you so much for the wonderful product! It has been a lifesaver."
Lauri G., VA

"Had back surgery in June and haven't been able to ride any distance without pain. The Nada-Chair did the job and now I can go on trips without pain. Thanks!"
Joyce M., NC

"Two thumbs up! As a nurse with a bad back, I sit a great deal in front of a computer - now, with absolutely no more backache! Thanks for a terrific product."
Glenda W., AL

"Lower back pain has plagued me for almost 30 years. Wearing the Back-up for
just 5 minutes I was pain free. It is amazing. I use it daily."
Caroline M., IL

"I find that this device assists my posture during the long hours I must sit in a wheelchair. Because my paralysis affects the lower half of my body, this extra relief provided to my remaining back muscles allows me a much longer sitting tolerance without back pain."
Barb N., TX

"It's wonderful! I ask clients to try it out, they slip it on, this ecstatic looks comes over their faces and they say, 'I'll take it!' It's a great invention and I'd like a dozen more."
Don P., CA

"The Nada-Chair is a Godsend for working in a chair for hours. And our sailing and canoeing enjoyment has been dramatically increased! Thanks for a great product."
Robert S., VT Professional

"This product has felt great since the first moment I put it on! I feel my posture getting better, breathing easier at every sitting!"
Jason L., PA

Fantastic product! I have always had a problem sitting crosslegged and this product allows me that freedom so I can enjoy pain-free camping.
Bryan H., ON

As a court reporter, I’m either taking testimony live in courtroom or sitting at the computer. This support keeps me sitting upright with better posture and has taken away my back pain and discomfort.
Memory J., PA

I like it very much. It instantly makes my back feel better by reminding me of good posture.
Gwen G., IL

My husband and I love our Nada-Chairs! They even work well for practicing the piano if adjusted properly. Thanks!
Gloria Z., CA

I used to stand to do everything because of back pain--eat, read, correct papers, pay bills, etc. Now I can sit comfortably.
Pat E.,

The first time I saw my doctor, he put this on me. It was unbelievable how quick it helped my lower back spasms.
Karla M., PA

My aching back stopped aching the day I first used the S’port-Backer. I only wish I knew about it sooner.
Timothy O., NY

Having broken my back a long time ago, this unit gives me relief which heretofore I have never had available. For this, I can only say, Thank You!
Jim S. AZ

I have arthritis and lower back pain and tend to slouch when I type. The Nada-Chair holds me tight and firm; it doesn't allow me to slump. When I go home, my back doesn't hurt. It makes the world of difference. I love it.
Connie B., NJ

I wish everyone could have a Nada-Chair. My lower back condition has improved tremendously from the use of my Nada-Chair. Riding in the bucket seats of our car used to hurt my back bad but since I've been using the Nada-Chair I don't have that problem anymore.
Mrs. Kenneth K., WA


"One of the most comfortable means of sitting that I have experienced."
Arthur White,
Orthopedic Surgeon

"Even better than a contoured chair or back brace."
Stephen D. Kuslich, Orthopedic Surgeon

"I recommend all my patients use the Nada-Chair for sitting long periods."
Simon Wakefield, R.M.T.

"Helps maintain correct posture and eliminate back strain-very comfortable and supportive."
Julie Cuisias, Physical Therapist

"Nada-Chair has won the endorsement of the World Chiropractic Alliance"
Terry A. Rondberg, Chiropractor

"As PT's, we are constantly fighting the body's natural tendency to fatigue and to consequently lose lumbar lordosis. The Nada-Chair is a portable, lightweight device that aids maintaining normal lordosis despite fatigue."
P.J. Doctor, M.S., RPT

"For 5 years I have struggled to find ways to minimize my sciatica which recurs during prolonged sitting. My search is over! Your S'port-Backer is simple, convenient and extremely effective."
Clark Costen, P.T.

"I am impressed with your S'port-Backer as an innovative device for maintenance of the lumbar lordosis while sitting."
Richard E. Ellison, D.C.

"I see many patients with back pain. I have recommended they purchase the NadaChair to provide proper biomechanical support and they have all been very pleased. Thank you for your product."
Linda Fike, P.T.

"I have two degenerated discs & suffer with pain. I tried your product and I am very impressed!"
Tammy Young, R.N.

"The Nada-Chair is the best portable support we've used. I'm happy to recommend it to my patients and love to use it myself."
Dr. B. Simonofsky

"My first words to my receptionist were, 'You've got to try this!' I sold my first dozen in the same day."
M. Blott, D.C.

"Your Nada-Chair is perfect for use with a stool to give added support to the lumbar spine. Several of my patients have commented on the relief they obtain from back pain."
Dr. K. Osia

"A unique tool to maintain lumbar lordosis during events where there is no back supports."
W. Pfeifer, D.C.


"Oh, my aching back! Now comes the Back-up that ensures proper posture. Used by physicians to help back pain sufferers learn better posture."
Business week
"Nada-Chair reduces muscle strain when you sit for long periods. The results: improved posture, fewer backaches."
Health & Fitness Excellence
"Nada-Chair helps stabilize the pelvis and relieve muscular stress. It can be used in conjunction with conventional seats such as office chairs, couches, passenger seats in cars, buses, airplanes or trains."
Fish & Game Finder
"Enjoy the outdoors without straining your back - very comfortable where you don't have support."
Orthopedics Today
"Alleviate lower back pain and tight neck muscles with Back-up. The back support secures the lower back and relieves stress on upper area muscles caused by long periods of sitting. The Back-up is easy to use - ideal when sitting on benches and stools, at ball games or concerts."
Orthopedics Today

"Keep your back from aching during stints at the ballpark or in a fishing boat. This sling tilts the pelvis forward and helps reduce slouching. It will keep your back from aching."

Orthopedics Today

"Real losers are the fans with problem backs sitting in the stands. The Nada-Chair gives lower back support to these masses."

Orthopedics Today

"Back-Up is a natural, drugless solution to lower back pain. It promotes good posture and alleviates back pain caused by stress on the muscles and ligaments that support the spine. The Back-Up gave instant relief. Impressive!"

Orthopedics Today

"Nada-Chair has impressed professionals & laypeople alike--clinical studies provide evidence supporting the use of the product."

Orthopedics Today

"This user-friendly device keeps the pelvis tilted forward to prevent slouching."

Orthopedics Today

"Sheer bliss! It puts the pelvis in the right position so the rest of the body can’t go wrong."



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