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Sent by email January 6, 2005


I just completed a month-long meditation retreat January 1. Just before I left for it on December 4, I just happened to pull the Nada Chair that my wife bought at least 10 years ago off the shelf because it caught my eye while I was packing.

At the meditation retreat each day I practiced 7 - 9 hours per day in meditation posture, about 90% of the time on a sitting cushion (Gomden) and on a chair the rest of the time. Early on in the retreat I tried the Nada Chair and found that I liked it the way it felt. I did feel a bit conspicuous, but what the hell.

As I used the Nada Chair more and more and got more and more used to it, I realized that it was helping a great deal. Not only that, I discovered that it was actually training me to sit more properly. Those times I wasn't using it, I found that I was naturally sitting more straight. My chronic back pain from scoliosis nearly disappeared, especially between my shoulder blades and in my neck. I attribute that to getting my lower back properly aligned using the Nada Chair.

Needless to say, I wish I had "discovered" my own Nada Chair earlier.

Robin Rieck

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