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Pediatric physicians and physical therapists are among the first to recommend our KiddyUp to parents who want to correct their child's postural problems (read why below). If school had ergonomically designed chairs, we wouldn't have so many back problems later in life. KiddyUp promotes a healthy back for your child.

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"Stop slouching!" Based on results, beating the slouching habit requires more than mom's disciplined demands.

The improved Kiddy-Up Kit ($85) includes a Slouch!Buster plus a pair of Stretch Straps for easy long-sitting and stretching hamstrings. The Stretch Straps allow children of any age (as well as adults) to stretch or sit comfortably erect anywhere ... crosslegged or in chairs.

NOTE: For parents of children with disabilities, therapists recommend using the Slouch!Buster to aid in stretching children's hamstrings. Because this job (that usually requires two helpers) can be done by one parent, it is more likely to get done more regularly.

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