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Nada-Chair's accessories add a range of usefulness to our ergonomic back supports. Try low back exercises and stretches with the Stretch Straps. CushShins prolong sitting periods with our back supports for improving posture. Waist Extenders and Extension Straps provide a fit for larger bodies.

CushShins ($20) are foam and plastic knee inserts designed to disperse the leaning weight of the body over about three times the area of the shin. CushShins are compatible with all Nada-Chair products except the ActiVest and Slouch!Buster and are optional for all products except the Back-Up.

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Stretch Straps


Foot Straps ($20) allow you to long-sit on a flat surface by extending the loops sufficiently to engage the feet. While they are widely used for relaxing on the ground or reading in bed, Stretch Straps are also recommended by back specialists to help stretch hamstrings and other muscle groups without compromising the low back.

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Extension Straps


Extension Straps ($20) lengthen the leg loops as required by those who are too large to fit the regular Nada-Chair slings. How do you know if you will need them? Measure the distance from the tip of one knee around your low back to the tip of your other knee. If the measure is 80 inches (200 cm) or longer, you will need the extensions. (Elastic Waist Extenders for the Back-Up, S'portBacker and Slouch!Buster are provided free upon request with any order.)

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Driving straps


Driving Straps ($38) convert the LumbarJack Lifting Belt to a driving belt. The Driving Straps use reverse pressure from the knees and feet to support the back. Elastic bands, detouring over the knee, free the legs for a full range of uninhibited motion.

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Sitting Straps


Sitting Straps ($38) convert the LumbarJack Lifting Belt into a comfortable chair that you wear. The Sitting Straps loop over your knees allowing you to sit anywhere with comfortable back support. It works in any sitting position - even on the ground.

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ActiVest Cushion ($35) The ActiVest is designed with a large inside rear pocket to fit an optional Self-Inflating Lumbar Cushion. To inflate, simply lean forward and open the valve. It automatically expands to become a * inch-thick cushion. Close the valve and lean back on a comfortable cushion of air that weighs only 2 ounces.

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