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Print this page and give it to your healthcare professional.


Product Models

Healthcare provider will determine the correct product for you:

  • Deluxe Back-Up (recommended for long-term sitters and larger body type because it has the most padding and largest back support area)
  • S'port-Backer (for shorter sit periods and smaller body types because it has half the padding and 30% smaller back support area)
  • Slouch!Buster (popularly used with accessory stretch straps in aiding hamstring stretches for children with disabilities)
  • ActiVest (includes backsling in a vest for more discrete use)
  • LumbarJack (for those needing to drive and lift as well as sit)

Diagnostic Codes

Healthcare provider will determine the correct code for you:

  • 742 Other And Unspecified Disorders Of Back
  • 724.0 Spinal Stenosis, Other Than Cervica
  • 724.1 Pain In Thoracic Spine
  • 724.2 Pain Low Back
  • 724.3 Sciatica
  • 724.4 Thoracic Or Lumbosacral Neuritis Or Radiculitis, Unspecified
  • 724.5 Backache / Pain Vertebrogenic (Postural), Unspecified
  • 724.6 Backache Sacroiliac Disorders of Sacrum
  • 724.8 Other Symptoms Referable To Back Pain
  • 724.9 Disorder other and unspecified
  • 846 Sprains And Strains Of Sacroiliac Region
  • 847 Sprains And Strains Of Other And Unspecified Parts Of Back
  • 847.2 Lumbar
  • 847.3 Sacrum
  • 847.9 Separation (Rupture) (Tear) (Laceration) or Strain (Sprain) (Avulsion) (Hemarthrosis) unspecified
  • 911 Superficial Injury Of Trunk
  • 911.8 Other And Unspecified Superficial Injury Without Mention Of Infection
  • 959 Injury, Other And Unspecified

HCPCS Procedure Billing Codes

Finally, your Healthcare provider may use the HCPCS procedure code below to bill the insurance company.

  • L0625 Lumbar orthoses (LO) may be used to bill any Nada-Chair products



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